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Structural Design for Fire Safety

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Structural Design for Fire Safety, 2nd edition

Andrew H. Buchanan, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Anthony K. Abu, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

A practical and informative guide to structural fire engineering

This book presents a comprehensive overview of structural fire engineering. An update on the first edition, the book describes new developments in the past ten years, including advanced calculation methods and computer programs. Further additions include: calculation methods for membrane action in floor slabs exposed to fires; a chapter on composite steel-concrete construction; and case studies of structural collapses.

The book begins with an introduction to fire safety in buildings, from fire growth and development to the devastating effects of severe fires on large building structures. Methods of calculating fire severity and fire resistance are then described in detail, together with both simple and advanced methods for assessing and designing for structural fire safety in buildings constructed from structural steel, reinforced concrete, or structural timber.

Structural Design for Fire Safety, 2nd edition bridges the information gap between fire safety engineers, structural engineers and building officials, and it will be useful for many others including architects, code writers, building designers, and firefighters.

Key features:

• Updated references to current research, as well as new end-of-chapter questions and worked examples.

•Authors experienced in teaching, researching, and applying structural fire engineering in real buildings.

• A focus on basic principles rather than specific building code requirements, for an international audience.

An essential guide for structural engineers who wish to improve their understanding of buildings exposed to severe fires and an ideal textbook for introductory or advanced courses in structural fire engineering.

Keywords: Fire; Structures; Engineering; Structural fire engineering; Fire severity; Fire resistance; Fire protection; Buildings; Tests; Calculations; Steel, concrete, timber, Structural & Building Engineering, Structural & Building Engineering

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