Boodhoo, Kamelia

Process Intensification Technologies for Green Chemistry: Engineering Solutions for Sustainable Chemical Processing

Boodhoo, Kamelia - Process Intensification Technologies for Green Chemistry: Engineering Solutions for Sustainable Chemical Processing, ebook


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This book covers the range of intensified technologies which have been researched and developed in recent years with emphasis on their application to green chemical processes.

The focus is on intensified reactor technologies such as the spinning disc reactor, microreactor and oscillatory baffled reactor, which give enhanced performance in terms of product yield and selectivity with minimal solvent usage in comparison to traditional stirred tank reactors when applied to heterogeneous catalytic reactions. The book also presents technologies which have been used to intensify the product separation step.

The book begins with an introduction to process intensification and the principles of green chemistry, followed by coverage of intensified reactors, hybrid reaction/separation technologies and intensified separation technologies. It concludes with chapters on the industry relevance and impact of process intensification, addressing the economics and environmental impacts of process intensification, and opportunities for energy saving in the chemical and processing industries.

This book provides an overview of the latest developments in reaction and separation technology which have been made on the basis of process intensification principles, with specific emphasis on achieving green chemistry.  The information presented is accessible for chemists and engineers who are unfamiliar with reaction engineering and process intensification concepts.

Keywords: Industrial Chemistry, Green chemical processes, reactor technologies, spinning disc reactor, microreactor, oscillatory baffled reactor, stirred tank reactors, heterogeneous catalytic reactions, process intensification, principles of green chemistry, green chemistry, intensified reactors, hybrid reaction, separation technologies, intensified separation technologies, energy saving, processing industries, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, reactor design, clean technology, chemical engineering, novel reactors, efficient catalysts, Dr Kamelia Boodhoo, Dr Adam Harvey, The first process intensification book written from the perspective of green chemistry.

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