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Retrometabolic Drug Design and Targeting

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Innovative approach to drug design that's more likely to result in an approvable drug product

Retrometabolic drug design incorporates two distinct drug design approaches to obtain soft drugs and chemical delivery systems, respectively. Combining fundamentals with practical step-by-step examples, Retrometabolic Drug Design and Targeting gives readers the tools they need to take full advantage of retrometabolic approaches in order to develop safe and effective targeted drug therapies. The authors, both pioneers in the fields of soft drugs and retrometabolic drug design, offer valuable ideas, approaches, and solutions to a broad range of challenges in drug design, optimization, stability, side effects, and toxicity.

Retrometabolic Drug Design and Targeting begins with an introductory chapter that explores new drugs and medical progress as well as the challenges of today's drug discovery. Next, it discusses:

  • Basic concepts of the mechanisms of drug action
  • Drug discovery and development processes
  • Retrometabolic drug design
  • Soft drugs
  • Chemical delivery systems

Inside the book, readers will find examples from different pharmacological areas detailing the rationale for each drug design. These examples set forth the relevant pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of the new therapeutic agents, comparing these properties to those of other compounds used for the same therapeutic purpose. In addition, the authors review dedicated computer programs that are available to support and streamline retrometabolic drug design efforts.

Retrometabolic Drug Design and Targeting is recommended for all drug researchers interested in employing this newly tested and proven approach to developing safe and effective drugs.

Keywords: retrometabolic drug design, retrometabolics, targeted drug therapies, soft drugs, drug discovery, nicholas bodor, peter buchwald, Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine, Cell & Molecular Biology, Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine, Cell & Molecular Biology

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