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Corrosion Chemistry

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Corrosion Chemistry details the scientific background of the corrosion process and contemporary applications for dealing with corrosion for engineers and scientists, covering the most recent breakthroughs and trends.

Corrosion is in essence a chemical process, and it is crucial to understand the dynamics from a chemical perspective before proceeding with analyses, designs and solutions from an engineering aspect. This book can be used both as a textbook and a reference book both by academics and engineers and scientists in the field.

As a reference for the engineer in the field, it is both a refresher for the veteran on the causes of corrosion and the methods, processes, and technologies to deal with it, over a variety of industries. It is the most up-to-date, comprehensive treatment of corrosion available, covering the most cutting-edge new processes and theories. For the freshman engineer just entering the field, it is a tremendous introduction to corrosion.

As a textbook, it can be used for a single semester technical elective course in undergraduate and postgraduate education for disciplines such as chemistry, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, civil engineering, material engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, mining engineering, agricultural engineering, and other related technical fields.

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