Cohen, Marilyn

Bonds Now!: Making Money in the New Fixed Income Landscape

Cohen, Marilyn - Bonds Now!: Making Money in the New Fixed Income Landscape, ebook


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A money-making formula for navigating the bond market's new rules of fixed income investing

The credit meltdown has completely reshaped the market for government bonds, Treasury bonds, T-bills, and high yield bond funds. Investors are flocking to corporate bonds and municipal bonds. Tax advantaged bonds have become the safe haven of choice. But you have to know where to look. Bonds Now! shows you.

Bonds Now! offers rare insight into safely investing in fixed income vehicles while maintaining necessary liquidity and meeting yield targets. It doesn't waste a lot of time on the elementary basics, but instead, jumps right in and shows you how to build a safe bond portfolio designed to weather turbulent economic downturns.

  • Discusses how to quickly analyze a bond as well as buy and sell them

  • Examines what it takes to build an impregnable fortress around your bond portfolio

  • Reveals how to develop a sixth sense for trouble and sell your bond position while there's still time

There is only one way to guarantee you're getting the right information-get it yourself. Bonds Now! shows you how and where, but even more importantly, this reliable resource clearly explains what to do with it once you have it. This is a knockout formula with proven results. It is the only way to guarantee the bond market won't steal your money.

Today's explosive financial environment demands that investors find a safe haven for their money. Using Bonds Now! as your guide, the bond market is that place. Buy this book today and start your own journey to economic recovery.

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