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Broadband Wireless Multimedia Networks

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Provides a clear, coherent review of all major wireless broadband standards with an emphasis on managing the explosive growth in mobile video

802.11ac/ad, 802.16m, 802.22, and LTE-Advanced are the emerging broadband wireless standards that offer many powerful wireless features. This book gives an accessible overview of the various standards and practical information on 802.11 link adaptation, 4G smartphone antenna design, wireless video streaming, and smart grids.

Broadband Wireless Multimedia Networks distills the many complex wireless features in a clean and concise manner so that the reader can understand the key principles. Topics covered include adaptive modulation and coding, orthogonal frequency-division multiple access, single-carrier frequency-division multiple access, multiple antenna systems, medium access control time and frequency-division duplex, transmission, and the frame formats. With wireless operators now carrying a much greater amount of video traffic than data and voice traffic, the book also covers adaptive bit rate streaming and bandwidth management for 3D and HD video delivery to multi-screen personal devices.

Featured chapters in the book are:

  • Overview of Broadband Wireless Networks
  • IEEE 802.11 Standard
  • IEEE 802.16 Standard
  • Long-Term Evolution
  • ATSC Digital TV and IEEE 802.22 Standards
  • Mesh, Relay, and Interworking Networks
  • Wireless Video Streaming
  • Green Communications in Wireless Home Area Networks

Including over 180 chapter-end exercises and 200 illustrative figures; and accessible recorded tutorials, Broadband Wireless Multimedia Networks is ideal for industry professionals and practitioners, graduate students, and researchers.

Keywords: major; standards; coherent; growth; broadband; mobile; emphasis; video; explosive; wireless; review; powerful; emerging broadband; many; practical; book; accessible overview; information; various; design; features; reader, Communication Technology - Networks, Networking, Communication Technology - Networks, Networking

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