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Introduction to Laser Technology

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The only introductory text on the market today that explains the underlying physics and engineering applicable to all lasers

Although lasers are becoming increasingly important in our high-tech environment, many of the technicians and engineers who install, operate, and maintain them have had little, if any, formal training in the field of electro-optics. This can result in less efficient usage of these important tools.

Introduction to Laser Technology, Fourth Edition provides readers with a good understanding of what a laser is and what it can and cannot do. The book explains what types of laser to use for different purposes and how a laser can be modified to improve its performance in a given application. With a unique combination of clarity and technical depth, the book explains the characteristics and important applications of commercial lasers worldwide and discusses light and optics, the fundamental elements of lasers, and laser modification.?

In addition to new chapter-end problems, the Fourth Edition includes new and expanded chapter material on:

  • Material and wavelength

  • Diode Laser Arrays

  • Quantum-cascade lasers

  • Fiber lasers

  • Thin-disk and slab lasers

  • Ultrafast fiber lasers

  • Raman lasers

  • Quasi-phase matching

  • Optically pumped semiconductor lasers

Introduction to Laser Technology, Fourth Edition is an excellent book for students, technicians, engineers, and other professionals seeking a fuller, more formal introduction to the field of laser technology.

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