Fos, Peter J.

Epidemiology Foundations: The Science of Public Health

Fos, Peter J. - Epidemiology Foundations: The Science of Public Health, ebook

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Written by Peter J. Fos—an expert in epidemiology with more than twenty years teaching experience—Epidemiology Foundations offers an ideal introduction to the theory and practice of public health epidemiology. This important text discusses both the historical perspective and future trends of epidemiology, reviews health and disease, and explains how they are measured. The book's overview of epidemiological studies shows how they are used in practice. Epidemiology Foundations takes a social and community perspective and includes information about global diseases and epidemics.

Emphasis on concepts such as population health, social determinants, and global health make this book especially interesting and accessible to those new to the subject. Each chapter is supplemented with problem-solving exercises and research assignments to aid readers in understanding its epidemiology principles. Reflecting and expanding on recommendations of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Epidemiology Foundations is the ideal text for any course introducing epidemiology in public health.

Keywords: foundations of epidemiology, history of epidemiology, health and disease and epidemiology, descriptive epidemiology, measurement of epidemiology, epidemiology study designs, uses of epidemiology, epidemics and epidemiology, social epidemiology, screening and epidemiology, community health and epidemiology, global health of epidemiology, Conference on Undergraduate Public Health Education, tools and methods of epidemiology, concepts of epidemiology, applications of epidemiology, tools for epidemiology, results of epidemiology

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