Reddy, K. Pramod

BIM for Building Owners and Developers: Making a Business Case for Using BIM on Projects

Reddy, K. Pramod - BIM for Building Owners and Developers: Making a Business Case for Using BIM on Projects, ebook


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Use BIM to develop strategies, expedite projects, improve outcomes, and save money.

BIM is far more than an "upgrade" to the latest CAD software. It is a process improvement tool that leverages data to analyze and predict outcomes throughout the different phases of the building life cycle. The time for a building owner to get involved with the BIM process is not at the end of the building project but from the very beginning. BIM for Building Owners and Developers is the only guide that will help you, the owner and client, use BIM to increase transparency and create a more integrated design and construction process, which will result in better quality buildings at lower cost and in a shorter time frame. It will also help you understand what BIM can do for you and what you can expect in terms of process and commitments. You'll discover how BIM can help improve your strategic planning, maximize ROI, support the decision-making processes, and fine-tune GAP analysis.

In addition, BIM for Building Owners and Developers can help you:

  • Understand, manage, and take advantage of the BIM paradigm shift
  • Assemble a building as it would be constructed on site to help eliminate many inefficiencies of the construction process
  • Achieve a high level of coordination through better integration of information and process optimization
  • Reduce the overall cost of a project by identifying problems while they still can be corrected inexpensively

Make every project easier, faster, and more profitable with BIM for Building Owners and Developers.

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