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Don't Miss Your Life: Find More Joy and Fulfillment Now

Robinson, Joe - Don't Miss Your Life: Find More Joy and Fulfillment Now, ebook


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If someone asked you what you do for fun, would you have an answer?  Are there things you’ve always dreamed of doing but never tried, like kayaking or learning a new language? When was the last time you felt really excited and energized by something new, far away from the daily demands of work, errands, or other obligations? If you feel like you’re missing something, you are—your life. This book shows you how to get your life back—and how to make it come alive with experiences that deliver the highest gratification.

We’re led to believe that the only thing that counts is career and output, but the research shows that true success is in the living—pursuing your passions, expressing yourself in exciting activities, and living life to the fullest. Your life outside work should not be a sideshow—it needs to be the main event. Don’t Miss Your Life is a road map to becoming who you were meant to be. The key is to develop a skill set that you probably never knew existed: leisure skills. As Joe Robinson explains, these are the aptitudes and attitudes—the life intelligence—that will lead you to the fun and passions that make life most worth living. Drawing on surprising research in positive psychology, optimal experience, and self-determination theory, he shows you why you need these skills and how to apply them to active pursuits that will make you happy and satisfy your deepest aspirations.

Step by step, you will discover how to overcome the obstacles to your best life— busyness, stress, guilt, the couch—and develop vital skills, including how to:

  • Stop playing it safe 

  • Choose engagement over comfort

  • Ensure that your self-worth really comes from your self, not your job

  • Focus on the experience, not the outcome

  • Carve out living time from a busy schedule

  • Satisfy your three core psychological needs

  • Activate the epicenter of enjoyment: optimal experience

  • Develop social initiative and playfulness

  • Find your passions and enjoy life more every day

You’ll also find a seven-day action plan to jump-start your unique journey to optimal living. Throughout the book, you’ll find inspiring stories of people who are already living their passions through samba and salsa dancing, dragon boat paddling, rock climbing, mentoring kids, adventure travel, singing in a choir, and more.

What are you waiting for? Stop missing your life and start living it to the max. Read this book and get started—here and now.

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