Momoh, James A.

Smart Grid: Fundamentals of Design and Analysis

Momoh, James A. - Smart Grid: Fundamentals of Design and Analysis, ebook

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The book is written as primer hand book for addressing the fundamentals of smart grid. It provides the working definition the functions, the design criteria and the tools and techniques and technology needed for buildingsmart grid. The book is needed to provide a working guideline in the design, analysis and development of Smart Grid. It incorporates all the essential factors of Smart Grid appropriate for enabling the performance and capability of the power system. There are no comparable books which provide information on the “how to” of the design and analysis.

The book provides a fundamental discussion on the motivation for the smart grid development, the working definition and the tools for analysis and development of the Smart Grid. Standards and requirements needed for designing new devices, systems and products are discussed; the automation and computational techniques need to ensure that the Smart Grid guarantees adaptability, foresight alongside capability of handling new systems and components are discussed. The interoperability of different renewable energy sources are included to ensure that there will be minimum changes in the existing legacy system.

Overall the book evaluates different options of computational intelligence, communication technology and decision support system to design various aspects of Smart Grid. Strategies for demonstration of Smart Grid schemes on selected problems are presented.

Keywords: grids; smart; grid; delivery; energy; future; systems; electrical; electric; suppliers; order; intelligently; power; respond; behavior; fundamental; actual; design schemes; guidance; readers; government; needs, Communication Technology, Communication Technology

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