Davis, Harold

Creative Lighting: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

Davis, Harold - Creative Lighting: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques, ebook

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How to make digital photography lighting more creative—and less challenging!

How do you master the art of lighting your photographs? Go beyond the basics, go beyond the "rules," and get creative with the help of renowned photographer Harold Davis. In this book, Harold shows you how to break the boundaries of conventional wisdom and create unique, lively, and beautifully lit photographs. Packed with tips and tricks as well as stunning examples of the author’s creativity, this book will both inform and inspire you to create your own lighting style.

  • Teaches you when and how to control the light in your photographs
  • Reviews the basic “rules” of digital photography lighting and shows you how to break the rules to create your own uniquely lit images
  • Helps you start building a lighting style of your own
  • Includes stunning examples of the author’s photography and lighting techniques

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned digital photographer, you'll find ideas and techniques to spark your creativity.

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