Williams, Tim

Positioning for Professionals: How Professional Knowledge Firms Can Differentiate Their Way to Success

Williams, Tim - Positioning for Professionals: How Professional Knowledge Firms Can Differentiate Their Way to Success, ebook


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It’s not the best companies that prevail in the marketplace, but rather the best brands. The goal of business strategy is not just to be better, but different. Learn how to build a differentiating value proposition by clearly and carefully defining your brand boundaries: Calling, Competencies, Customers, and Culture.

Positioning for Professionals shows how a well-defined value proposition can help professional service firms create their own success instead of copying the success of others, including such concepts as:

  • How and why professional service brands become homogenized

  • Why standing for everything is the same as standing for nothing

  • Why there’s no such thing as full service

  • Deep and narrow as a strategic imperative

  • Why it’s better to be a profit leader than a market leader

  • Differentiation and price premiums

  • How to map your brand on the matrix of relevance and differentiation

  • How to define a value proposition that will make your firm intensely appealing to the customers who want you for what you do best

Based on the proven premise that the most profitable business strategy is not to aim at the center of the market, but rather at the edges, Positioning for Professionals is written for leaders, managers, and other senior executives of service companies in with a particular emphasis on professional service firms.

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