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Agency Account Handling: Avoiding Blood, Sweat and Tears

Sims, Michael - Agency Account Handling: Avoiding Blood, Sweat and Tears, ebook


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Agency Account Handling strives to distinguish between good account handling and great account handling.
This book will help you understand the wider picture of client servicing, give you satisfied customers and allow you to go home at night with a smile on your face. In reality it may not avoid all the 'blood, sweat and tears' but it will certainly reduce them to a manageable level.
Good account handlers know instinctively most of the principles associated with effective client servicing. What results in great account handling is the difference an individual makes, all those little agency touches that add up to a competitive advantage and, essentially, the decision by an individual to concentrate on the right mix of priorities which will produce the most effective results.
It should inspire people to strive for satisfied clients, fulfilled professional lives and strong client service departments.
"This book is a beacon for account handlers, giving insight, confidence and experience, whether you read it cover to cover or dip into relevant sections.
It shines a light on the path to success for burgeoning careers and wily old dogs alike."
--Steve Aldridge, Creative Partner, Partners Andrews Aldridge
"Indispensable! A soup-to-nuts analysis of all aspects of account management. A must for any ambitious account handler, from any discipline, who wants to further their career."
--Suki Thompson, Managing Director, The Haystack Group
"There is much to recommend Mike's book. First, it fills a gap in the market. I haven't come across anything on great account handling practice, previously. Second, it has terrific depth and breadth. But what makes Mike's book really special is that it is a book to learn from. Having worked with Mike a lot over the last five years I know that he knows his stuff. What I hadn't realised is that he has a rare gift for imparting his stuff in the infectious way that is a pleasure to learn from."
--Malcolm White, Executive Planning Director, Euro RSCG London

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