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Chinnovation: How Chinese Innovators are Changing the World

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It is widely-believed that China's entrepreneur class has grown and their businesses are succeeding primarily due to their knowledge of the domestic market, quick adaptation to market changes, and their resourcefulness. But innovation? Forget about it.

Well, not quite.

Drawing on a wealth of on-the-ground stories and thorough research, Chinnovation: How Chinese Innovators Are Changing the World shows how Chinese companies of every stripe have dispelled this myth and overcome the barriers to successful, profitable innovation.
  • How did Neil Shen, co-founder of CTRIP Capital China, see the opportunity for a Chinese travel site? 
  • How did Ray Zhang, CEO of Ehi, scale up one of the most innovative hybrid car-rental companies in China? 
  • How did Zhang Tao, CEO of Dianping, start a ZAGAT-inspired user-review site for restaurants and establish a continuous process of innovation?

Yinglan Tan has spent more than five years learning the secrets of Chinese innovators, a fast-growing subculture playing key roles in China's transformative transition from "Made in China" to "Innovated in China." Learn:

  • What is the path that an innovative Chinese private-owned enterprise take?  
  • How blue-chip innovators remix business models successfully in China?
  • What are the capabilities that these innovative companies acquire? 
  • How they harness the necessary resources and navigate around legal restrictions?
  • How do they attract, train and retain talent? 
  • How do these companies experiment with innovative approaches and also manage the risk of innovation? 
  • What are the lessons learnt and how would these entrepreneurial innovators advise others who are embarking on the same journey?

China's rapid economic growth has made it a crucial market but multinational corporations are now competing with China's own homegrown businesses. Chinnovation: How Chinese Innovators Are Changing The World uncovers the common threads amongst Chinese entrepreneurs as they reach into a wider world.

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