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Radio Technologies and Concepts for IMT-Advanced

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Radio Technologies and Concepts for IMT-Advanced presents the findings of the Wireless World Initiative New Radio (WINNER) project in Framework Program 6 of the European Commission. It provides an insight into the key concepts and technologies for the IMT-Advanced radio interface, based on the collaborative research of manufacturers, network operators, research centres and universities within WINNER. The book covers the fundamental radio characteristics of a typical 4G wireless communication system, focusing on the transceiver’s chain from the physical layer to layers 2 and 3. Starting by defining realistic and futuristic usage scenarios, the authors provide in-depth discussion of key technologies including modulation and coding, link level procedures, spatial-temporal processing, multiple access schemes and inter-cell interference mitigation, channel estimation and newly developed channel models. Finally, a cost assessment and optimisation methodology is developed for different deployment concepts in order to assess a wireless system in a condition close to reality. The book provides an important system-level approach to the latest radio technologies in the field, and evaluates IMT-Advanced research in relation to international standardisation.

·         Presents the research findings of IMT-Advanced radio interface from the

·         WINNER project

·         Covers the latest concepts for relaying, multiple access, radio resource control,

·         flexible spectrum use, and ITU-R spectrum demand calculation

·         Examines the most recent Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) techniques, and Distributed Antenna Systems (Coordinated Multipoint Transmissions)

·         Describes a 4G system concept and all major building blocks

·         Provides 4G propagation models and system-level evaluation methodologies




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