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Student Cookbook For Dummies

Harrison, Oliver - Student Cookbook For Dummies, ebook

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Are you a student who’s fed up with making do with greasy food and monotonous ingredients? A parent who worries about your son or daughter’s mounting tendency to nip to the fast-food van at all times of the day? Then look no further! Taking into account thepressures and stresses of university life – the work, the exams, the parties – this entertaining guide takes students through the essential skills, techniques and ingredients they need to make over 160 delicious, healthy meals on a budget and on the go. Packed with top tips on frugal shopping, diet maintenance and healthy-microwave cooking, as well as the low-down on hosting dinner parties, choosing wines and mixing cocktails, baked-bean-living will become a thing of the past!

Student Cookbook For Dummies includes:

Part 1: Getting Started

  • Chapter 1: Saying ‘Hello’ To Your Kitchen
  • Chapter 2: Going Shopping
  • Chapter 3: Knowing What You’re Eating

Part 2: Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks

  • Chapter 4: Bigging up Breakfast
  • Chapter 5: Making great Lunches
  • Chapter 6: Snacks

Part 3: Bring On The Main Course

  • Chapter 7: Cooking For One
  • Chapter 8: Eating the Right Food To Get You Going
  • Chapter 9: Mastering Microwave Cooking
  • Chapter 10: Making the Most of Time and Money
  • Chapter 11: Decadent Desserts and Treats

Part 4: Entertaining

  • Chapter 12: Lads and Girls Nights’ In
  • Chapter 13: Pulling Together a Sunday Roast
  • Chapter 14: Food To Impress: Cooking for a Date
  • Chapter 15: Getting into the Party Spirit

Part 5: The Part Of Tens

  • Chapter 16: Ten Tips For Cooking At Uni
  • Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Eat On The Cheap
  • Chapter 18: Ten Replacements for Expensive Ingredients

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