Litovski, Ivan

Inside Symbian SQL: A Mobile Developer's Guide to SQLite

Litovski, Ivan - Inside Symbian SQL: A Mobile Developer's Guide to SQLite, ebook


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This is the definitive guide for Symbian C++ developers looking to use Symbian SQL in applications or system software.

Since Symbian SQL and SQLite are relatively new additions to the Symbian platform, Inside Symbian SQL begins with an introduction to database theory and concepts, including a Structured Query Language (SQL) tutorial.

Inside Symbian SQL also provides a detailed overview of the Symbian SQL APIs. From the outset, you will “get your hands dirty” writing Symbian SQL code. The book includes snippets and examples that application developers can immediately put to use to get started quickly.

For device creators and system software developers, Inside Symbian SQL offers a unique view into the internals of the implementation and a wealth of practical advice on how to make best and most efficient use of the Symbian SQL database. Several case studies are presented – these are success stories 'from the trenches', written by Symbian engineers.

Special Features:

  • The book assumes no prior knowledge of databases

  • Includes detailed and approachable explanations of database concepts

  • Easy to follow SQL tutorial with SQLite examples

  • Unique view into the Symbian SQL internals

  • Troubleshooting section with solutions to common problems

Written by the Symbian engineers who implemented SQLite on Symbian, with more than 40 years combined Symbian C++ experience, this book is for anyone interested in finding out more about using a database on Symbian.

Keywords: SQLite, Symbian, Symbian OS, Symbian SQL, Symbian SQL database, smartphone, smart phone, convergence device, open source

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