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Responsible Business: How to Manage a CSR Strategy Successfully

Pohl, Manfred - Responsible Business: How to Manage a CSR Strategy Successfully, ebook

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Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship are now essential elements of modern business. Responsible Business is a vital "how to" guide providing information on all aspects of the CSR process. This highly accessible book is full of insights from those responsible for implementing CSR strategy inside companies – whether as CSR managers or at top management level – with coverage of all the important aspects of CSR – from what a sustainability manager's job involves, how to handle stakeholder dialogue, supply chain management to auditing, CSR and the law, and communicating CSR.

Divided into bite-size easy-to-read chapters complete with practical checklists or "dos and don'ts", Responsible Business provides perspectives across different industries and sectors from running micro-finance at an international banking group to CSR in small companies as well as personal insights into a CSR manager's role in the automotive sector, the IT sector, the hotel business and many more.

"If CSR is ever to happen in real time, it will be in the corporate trenches, honed by managers driving CSR beyond academic ideal to practical workplace results. This new book from Europe's ICCA has it all in one place. A brilliant display of actual corporate accomplishments, workable tools, and organisational work-around strategies. Real stuff by real professionals."
William C. Frederick, author of Corporation, Be Good! The Story of Corporate Social Responsibility

"The work of Nick Tolhurst and the ICCA in this publication and beyond is vital to the field of CSR, as well as to the interdisciplinary fields and sectors that it affects in the private sector, public sector and civil society. I suggest this book become required reading for each sector."
—Mark C. Donfried, Director and Founder, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

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