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Philosophy For Dummies, UK Edition

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Confused by metaphysics? In a muddle with aesthetics? Intimidated by Kant? Then look no further! Philosophy For Dummies, UK Edition is a complete crash-course in philosophical thought, covering key philosophers, philosophical history and theory and the big questions that affect us today. Tying in with standard UK curricula and including core topics such as logic, ethics and political philosophy, this impartial, expert guide cuts through the jargon to give you the facts. Whether you're a philosophy student or a complete beginner, Philosophy For Dummies, UK Edition will get you thinking and talking about philosophy in no time, and with maximum confidence.


Philosophy For Dummies, UK Edition includes:

Part I: What is Philosophy?
Chapter 1: What's Philosophy All About?
Chapter 2: Why is it important?
Chapter 3: Becoming a philosophical thinker 

Part II: The History of Philosophy
Chapter 4: Moving from Ancient History to the Present Day
Chapter 5: Looking at Eastern Philosophy
Chapter 6: Understanding the ‘Isms'

Part III: Looking at Perception
Chapter 7: Understanding Logic
Chapter 8: Understanding Knowledge
Chapter 9: Looking at Illusion and Certainty
Chapter 10: Interpreting Language

Part IV:  The Mind, Consciousness and Morality
Chapter 11: Does God Exist?
Chapter 12: Looking at Ethics and Morality
Chapter 13: Political Philosophy
Chapter 14: Seeing How Society Works
Chapter 15: Aesthetics and Human Values

Part V: Philosophy and Science
Chapter 16: What the Ancients Thought About Science
Chapter 17: Meeting Some Enlightened Thinkers
Chapter 18: Scientific Truth and Scientific Fashions
Chapter 19: Eastern Philosophy and Modern Physics

Part VI:  The Part of Tens
Chapter 20: Ten Important Philosophical Works - and What They Said
Chapter 21: Ten Questions to Keep You Thinking

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