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Teaching English as a Foreign Language For Dummies®

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If you thought it would be easy to teach a language you’ve spoken all your life, then think again! It can be a huge challenge to learn how to break English down into digestible chunks, and impart information in a logical and intuitive way. But the thousands of people who teach English abroad can certainly testify to the huge popularity of this career, so if you’ve decided to take a TEFL course, if you’re on a TEFL course and want some back-up, or even if you’ve already started teaching and need a helping hand, then look no further. Covering how to teach grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, to assessing students’ performance, setting assignments and tests, and everything in between, this is a one-stop guide to one of the most enriching careers you can embark on.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language For Dummies covers:

Part I - Getting started in TEFL

  • Discovering The Wonderful World of TEFL 

  • What Do TEFL Teachers Actually Do?

  • Going from Student to Teacher: TEFL Courses, Qualifications and Jobs,                              

Part II - Putting A Lesson Together                                                 

  • Starting From the Beginning: Planning the Lesson

  • The Spotlight’s on You: Giving a Presentation to the Class                                                       

  • Holding the Reins and Letting Them Loose: Giving Students Practice                                                    

  • Getting Your Red Pen Out: Giving Correction & Feedback   

  • Be Materialistic! Using Course Books and Other Materials   

  • Who’s the Boss Around here? Managing Your Classroom     

Part III - How to Teach Skills Classes                                            

  • Taken as Read: Teaching Reading Lessons 

  • Write or Wrong? Teaching Writing Lessons   

  • What Accent? Teaching Pronunciation                                         

  • Setting Their Tongues Wagging: Speaking & Discussing            

  • In One Ear, Out The Other: Learning to Listen                               

Part IV - The Grammar You Need to Know And How To Teach It                                                                                         

  • Stop Press! Student to Deliver  Sentence                                        

  • Feeling Tense? Which Tense is Which?                                          

  • And There’s More…..Other Important Verb Structures              

Part V - What Kind of Class Will I Have?                     

  • Put Them to the Test         

  • The Loner and Businessman: One to Ones and Business English                                                            

  • Getting Youth on Your Side: Coping with younger learners                                                       

  • Making The Grade: Handling Exam classes                 

  • One For All And All For One

  • Monolingual and multi-lingual classes                                                                       

Part VI - The Part of Tens                                                                 

  • 10 Ways to Liven up an English lesson                                          

  • 10 Great Resources for TEFL Teachers                                         

  • Lesson Plan Templates                                                                     

  • TEFL Locations Around the World

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