Snelson, Bryan

Financial First Aid for Canadian Investors: Stop the Bleeding, Start the Healing and Get Your Portfolio on the Road to Recovery

Snelson, Bryan - Financial First Aid for Canadian Investors: Stop the Bleeding, Start the Healing and Get Your Portfolio on the Road to Recovery, ebook


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We are in the midst of the deepest global economic downturn in decades. Investors are suffering through the worst market conditions in over 70 years. Even the legendary Warren Buffett counted 2008 as the worst in his long, illustrious career. In his annual letter to shareholders, Buffett described 2009 as a "write off."


Readers need help to learn how to diagnose what is the greatest threat to their long-term financial well being and to follow a course of treatment to recovery. Financial First Aid for Canadian Investors is for all the battered and bloodied investors whose portfolios are in tatters and who lack direction about what to do next.


The financial meltdown of 2008 has also taken a severe toll on financial and investment advisors, with the investing public losing confidence in these professionals. Financial First Aid for Canadian Investors examines the lessons to be learned by mistakes made in both good and bad markets. The authors address the common and recurring investment blunders they have witnessed over many years, and offer clear prescriptions for how to repair wounded portfolios.


Current and timely, the book includes coverage of the following:

  • The devastating market conditions of 2008-09, the most severe global financial downturn in over 70 years.
  • What exactly happened in the most recent economic crisis and why, and the fresh lessons to be learned from the meltdown.
  • How to deal with the challenge of a historically low interest rate environment, and the close-to-zero investment returns of today; where else to look for total return (e.g., dividend-paying equities and income-guaranteed products), and how to provide for income in a low-interest-rate environment.
  • The increased need to provide for our own independent financial futures at a time when there must be less reliance on hard-pressed governments.
  • The uniquely Canadian opportunities in the face of the global financial crisis (e.g., the strength of our banking system, our status as an energy power).
  • Entirely new chapters on some emerging, and powerfully positive, securities to help investors mitigate risk, such as Insurance Products and Structured Products.

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