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Healthy Mind and Body All-in-One For Dummies

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You’re sluggish, unhappy, and unfit. You want to change your ways but don’t know where to start. Sound like you?

With a little bit of motivation, it’s possible to revamp your health starting right now – and this time-conscious mind and body bible contains all the tools and advice you need to get you started. Combining the best bits of eight top Dummies self-help titles, Healthy Mind & Body All-In-One For Dummies has got kick-starting your health covered: from eating better and improving your nutrition, to finding your nearest pilates class, being more active day-to-day, and dealing with stresses at work or anxiety at home. You’ll have bags more energy and a positive mental attitude to match.

So what are you waiting for?!

Healthy Mind & Body All-In-One For Dummies includes excerpts from the titles:

Nutrition FD

The GL Diet FD

Fitness FD

Yoga FD

Pilates FD

Stress Management FD

Overcoming Anxiety FD

Overcoming Depression FD

Healthy Mind & Body All-In-One For Dummies covers:

Book I: The Importance of Your Health

Chapter 1: Understanding the Elements of Healthy Nutrition

Chapter 2: Exploring an Active Lifestyle to Boost Your Health

Chapter 3: Examining Your State of Mind

Book II: Food and Nutrition

Chapter 1: The Key Facts About Healthy Nutrition

Chapter 2: Knowing What to Eat and What Not to Eat

Chapter 3: Exploring How Food Affects Your Health

Chapter 4: Taking a Look Inside the GL Diet

Chapter 5: Incorporating the GL Diet into your Daily Life

Book III: Physical Health

Chapter 1: Understanding the Benefits of Being Physically Active

Chapter 2: Taking an Active Approach to Fitness

Chapter 3: Exploring Types of Exercise to Suit Your Lifestyle

Chapter 4: Why Yoga Can Help You

Chapter 5: Stretching your Body Through Some Yoga Postures

Chapter 6: Seeing What Pilates Can Give You

Chapter 7: Giving Yourself the All Body Pilates Workout

Book IV: Mental Health

Chapter 1: Acknowledging the Importance of Personal Well-Being

Chapter 2: Taking a Positive Approach to Depression

Chapter 3: Discovering Techniques to Overcome Depression

Chapter 4: Examining Anxiety in its Different Guises

Chapter 5: Exploring How to Conquer Anxiety

Chapter 6: Delving Into Stress

Chapter 7: Managing Stress Proactively

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