Hochman, Larry

The Relationship Revolution: Closing the Customer Promise Gap

Hochman, Larry - The Relationship Revolution: Closing the Customer Promise Gap, ebook


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Customers are obviously at the core of any business. However, most customers’ trust in business is at an historic low, and many customers feel let down by businesses they formerly trusted.  There’s a well-used phrase that it’s much easier (and cheaper) to keep existing customers than to get new ones, but a vast number of companies don’t follow this through in practice. 

In the wake of the credit crunch, many businesses are now beginning to realise that rebuilding these relationships with customers will be crucial to future success and survival. 

If we’re to move forward, we’ll need nothing less than a relationship revolution.  Larry Hochman, a world expert on customer loyalty points the way to closing this promise gap.  He shows how transparency, honesty, accountability and openness need to filter right through every business. 

Technology now enables angry customers to assemble quickly and make a big impact.  In a connected world, word of mouth and reputation now matter far more than advertising.  Customers don’t just want to buy services from businesses, they want to change them.  Businesses need to get closer to customers, with the vision to see and courage to act. 

How can every business meet the uniquely important challenge of focusing once again on the building and maintaining of customer relationships? What is the opportunity cost of not doing so at this perilous moment?  What are the emotional consequences of the actions of staff in an environment when customers are more aware, more discerning, more demanding and less forgiving, and can go on-line and tell 10,000 other people about: your staff, your product, your company, your values, your ethics. This book will serve as a useful, relevant and practical guide to help you focus accordingly and as a result to succeed.

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