Rehan, Virender K.

Evolutionary Biology: Cell-Cell Communication, and Complex Disease

Rehan, Virender K. - Evolutionary Biology: Cell-Cell Communication, and Complex Disease, ebook

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An integrative view of the evolution of genetics and the natural world

Even in this advanced age of genomics, the evolutionary process of unicellular and multicellular organisms is continually in debate. Evolutionary Biology, Cell–Cell Communication, and Complex Disease challenges current wisdom by using physiology to present an integrative view of the nature, origins, and evolution of fundamental biological systems.

Providing a deeper understanding of the way genes relate to the traits of living organisms, this book offers useful information applying evolutionary biology, functional genomics, and cell communication studies to complex disease. Examining the 4.5 billion-year evolution process from environment adaptations to cell-cell communication to communication of genetic information for reproduction, Evolutionary Biology hones in on the "why and how" of evolution by uniquely focusing on the cell as the smallest unit of biologic structure and function.

Based on empirically derived data rather than association studies, Evolutionary Biology covers:

  • A model for forming testable hypotheses in complex disease studies

  • The integrating role played by the evolution of metabolism, especially lipid metabolism

  • The evolutionary continuum from development to homeostasis

  • Regeneration and aging mediated by signaling molecules

Ambitious and game-changing Evolutionary Biology suggests that biology began as a mechanism for reducing energy within the cell, defying the Second Law of Thermodynamics. An ideal text for those interested in forward thinking scientific study, the insights presented in Evolutionary Biology help practitioners effectively comprehend the evolutionary process.

Keywords: Biomedical, Pathophysiology, Physiology, Epidemiology, Evo-Devo, Applied Evolutionary Biology, Developmental Biology, Comparative Biology, Human Genetics, human Genomics, Drug Discovery, Physiology, Molecular Evolution, Physiology, Molecular Evolution

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