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Letters from Home: A Wake-up Call For Success & Wealth

Reiser, Andrea R. - Letters from Home: A Wake-up Call For Success & Wealth, ebook


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It’s Time to Rediscover America.

Our nation is deteriorating. Slowly but surely the virtues and values we once celebrated—responsibility, resilience, dignity, respect—have been abandoned. Our work ethic has been replaced by an entitlement ethic. And as we lose the cultural traits that brought us to our leadership position, America’s standing in the world will surely fall as well.

But there is good news, say David and Andrea Reiser. By rediscovering the qualities that made America great, we can start to turn things around. We can teach our young people—not to mention ourselves, our employees, and our fellow Americans of all ages—what truly leads to success, prosperity, and fulfillment.

That’s what Letters from Home is about. Written in the form of letters to the authors’ four sons, it explores fifteen basic American virtues that built our country and that foster individual success. Each chapter includes profiles of exceptional “real people”—the authors’ wealth management clients, friends, and neighbors—who truly walk the talk. A few examples of what the book teaches:

  • Work hard. Go above and beyond in all that you do.

  • Be resilient and learn from adversity.

  • Seize opportunity when it comes (and it comes every day).

  • Follow your moral compass faithfully and consistently.

  • When you fall, take responsibility for getting back up.

  • Save prudently and spend thoughtfully.

  • Practice gratitude. Know that you’re blessed.

Part cultural treatise and part kick-in-the-pants, Letters from Home is a moving reminder that we live in a land of freedom and opportunity. It should inspire us all—parents, influential leaders, and ordinary citizens alike—to do everything in our power to honor and perpetuate that legacy.

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