Bock, Wojtek J.

Photonic Sensing: Principles and Applications for Safety and Security Monitoring

Bock, Wojtek J. - Photonic Sensing: Principles and Applications for Safety and Security Monitoring, ebook

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A cutting-edge look at safety and security applications of photonic sensors

With its many superior qualities, photonic sensing technology is increasingly used in early-detection and early-warning systems for biological hazards, structural flaws, and security threats. Photonic Sensing provides for the first time a comprehensive review of this exciting and rapidly evolving field, focusing on the development of cutting-edge applications in diverse areas of safety and security, from biodetection to biometrics.

The book brings together contributions from leading experts in the field, fostering effective solutions for the development of specialized materials, novel optical devices, and networking algorithms and platforms. A number of specific areas of safety and security monitoring are covered, including background information, operation principles, analytical techniques, and applications. Topics include:

  • Document security and structural integrity monitoring, as well as the detection of food pathogens and bacteria
  • Surface plasmon sensors, micro-based cytometry, optofluidic techniques, and optical coherence tomography
  • Optic fiber sensors for explosive detection and photonic liquid crystal fiber sensors for security monitoring
  • Photonics-assisted frequency measurement with promising electronic warfare applications

An invaluable, multidisciplinary resource for researchers and professionals in photonic sensing, as well as safety and security monitoring, this book will help readers jump-start their own research and development in areas of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, mechanics, electronics, and defense.

Keywords: photonics, photonic sensing, photonic sensors, early detection systems, early warning systems, photonic sensing requirements, safety monitoring, security monitoring, threat detection, threat detection systems, Photonics & Lasers, Communication Technology, Photonics & Lasers, Communication Technology

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