Dhawan, Atam P.

Medical Image Analysis

Dhawan, Atam P. - Medical Image Analysis, ebook

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The expanded and revised edition will split Chapter 4 to include more details and examples in FMRI, DTI, and DWI for MR image modalities. The book will also expand ultrasound imaging to 3-D dynamic contrast ultrasound imaging in a separate chapter.

A new chapter on Optical Imaging Modalities elaborating microscopy, confocal microscopy, endoscopy, optical coherent tomography, fluorescence and molecular imaging will be added. Another new chapter on Simultaneous Multi-Modality Medical Imaging including CT-SPECT and CT-PET will also be added. In the image analysis part, chapters on image reconstructions and visualizations will be significantly enhanced to include, respectively, 3-D fast statistical estimation based reconstruction methods, and 3-D image fusion and visualization overlaying multi-modality imaging and information. A new chapter on Computer-Aided Diagnosis and image guided surgery, and surgical and therapeutic intervention will also be added.

A companion site containing power point slides, author biography, corrections to the first edition and images from the text can be found here: ftp://ftp.wiley.com/public/sci_tech_med/medical_image/

Send an email to: Pressbooks@ieee.org to obtain a solutions manual. Please include your affiliation in your email.

Keywords: medical imaging; medical imaging analysis; medical imaging modalities; medical image processing; optical imaging modalities; simultaneous multi-modality medical imaging; computer-aided diagnosis; image guided surgery; ultrasound; ultrasound imaging; 3-D dynamic contrast ultrasound imaging; 3-D image fusion; 3-D image visualization; ieee; ieee series; ieee book; 0-471-45131-2; 0471451312, Imaging Systems & Technology, Radiology & Imaging, Imaging Systems & Technology, Radiology & Imaging

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