Pozuelo-Monfort, Jaime

The Monfort Plan: The New Architecture of Capitalism

Pozuelo-Monfort, Jaime - The Monfort Plan: The New Architecture of Capitalism, ebook


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The Monfort Plan is a five-year, forward looking plan to eradicate extreme poverty from the developing world, and details how microfinance has made a difference to developing countries. This book proposes a new institution based in the developing world with the potential to provide a basic, free, and universal service in the areas of water, sanitation, healthcare, and education to the extreme poor worldwide. The provision will be subject to a certain degree of conditionality in areas ranging from corruption to legal environment. The new institution will be established in a new international territory based within a specific country in Subsaharan Africa and will emerge in 2015.

In The Monfort Plan author Jaime Pozuelo-Monfort engineers and designs a solution to lessen the burden of poverty. In order to do so he relies on the social sciences to bring about innovation and forward looking economic policies and financial instruments in the context of a paradigm shift. This book presents a multidisciplinary approach to policymaking that combines a range of fields in the social sciences, looking at the history behind the Marshall Plan, the formation of the European Union, and the Bretton Woods Institutions, in order to determine how a Marshall Plan for Africa-and the creation of New Institutions in the developing world-could work. We live a moment of crisis in which creative policymaking might prove useful when proposing outcomes for a revitalized framework for capitalism to thrive and better serve the world.

  • Walks you through the technicalities of the new architecture of capitalism in a straightforward manner
  • Provides a holistic view of how microfinance combined with the right economic policies and financial instruments could help change the world for the poor
  • Contains sweeping and detailed recommendations on how to build a new capitalist paradigm that helps elevate the poor and improve the human condition

Incorporating commentary from some of the top minds in the field of microfinance, this book puts the method of microfinance in perspective.

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