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Spanish Word Games For Dummies

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The fun and easy way® to learn Spanish-by playing games!

Do you want to learn how to speak Spanish? One major aspect of learning a new language is learning the vocabulary, but for many people, this involves memorization, which can be a difficult task. Now, Spanish Word Games For Dummies offers you a fun and painless alternative: games and puzzles designed to help you practice and remember your Spanish vocabulary.

This fun, practical guide features more than 100 word games and puzzles, including crosswords, word searches, cryptograms, and more-that range in difficulty from easy to challenging. As you play, you'll develop your Spanish vocabulary while you improve your language skills.

  • Spanish Word Games For Dummies provides you with challenging puzzles to build your Spanish vocabulary and enhance your skill set
  • Includes crosswords, word searches, cryptograms, and other word games
  • Works as a supplement to Spanish language courses and programs
  • It's portable enough to easily take to classes or on the road

Whether you're a proficient speaker looking to brush up on your vocabulary or a first-time Spanish speaker, this clever guide is the ideal way to have fun while you increase your skills!

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