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One Strategy: Organization, Planning, and Decision Making

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Learn from the concepts, capabilities, processes, and behaviors that aligned around one strategy with the hard-won, first-person wisdom found in One Strategy.

Challenging traditional views of strategy and operational execution, this book-written by Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky with Harvard Business School professor Marco Iansiti-describes how you can drive innovation by connecting the potential of strategic opportunities to the impact of operational execution.

  • Lessons from the unique combination of real-world experience managing a large scale organization with academic research in strategy and innovation
  • Reveals what it takes to align a complex organization around one strategy, manage its execution, and reach for "strategic integrity"
  • Written by Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky with Harvard Business School professor Marco Iansiti-a combined forty years of management and research experience
  • A unique perspective on strategy development, alignment, and execution

Drawn from Sinofsky's internal Microsoft blog where he communicated some of the management processes the team put to work while developing a 4,000 person, multi-year project-Microsoft Windows 7-One Strategy shares the hard-won insights you can use to successfully make the leap from strategy to execution.

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