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Mass Transfer Operations for the Practicing Engineer

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An invaluable guide for problem solving in mass transfer operations

This book takes a highly pragmatic approach to providing the principles and applications of mass transfer operations by offering a valuable, easily accessible guide to solving engineering problems. Both traditional and novel mass transfer processes receive treatment. As with all of the books in this series, emphasis is placed on an example-based approach to illustrating key engineering concepts.

The book is divided into two major parts. It starts with the principles underlying engineering problems—showing readers how to apply general engineering principles to the topic of mass transfer operations. It then goes on to provide step-by-step guidance for traditional mass transfer operations, including distillation, absorption and stripping, and adsorption, plus novel mass transfer processes. Essential topics for professional engineering exams are also covered.

Geared towards chemical, environmental, civil, and mechanical engineers working on real-world industrial applications, Mass Transfer Operations for the Practicing Engineer features:

  • Numerous sample problems and solutions with real-world applications

  • Clear, precise explanations on how to carry out the basic calculations associated with mass transfer operations

  • Coverage of topics from the ground up for readers without prior knowledge of the subject

  • Overview of topics relevant to the ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) for those taking the Professional Engineering (PE) exams

  • Appendix containing relevant mass transfer operation charts and tables

Keywords: guide; invaluable; pragmatic; highly; book; approach; transfer; mass; problem; accessible; problems; engineering; processes; treatment; novel; books; series; illustrating; concepts; examplebased; major parts, General & Introductory Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Chemistry, General & Introductory Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Chemistry

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