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Loan Modification For Dummies®

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The crucial information you need to secure a reliable loan modification and save your home

Behind on your mortgage payments? Worried about losing your home? Don't panic. Loan Modification For Dummies gives you the reliable, authoritative, easy-to-understand guidance you need to apply for and secure a loan modification that lowers your monthly house payment and keeps you in your home.

This practical, plain-English guide leads you step by step through the loan modification process, from contacting your lender to applying for a loan modification, evaluating the lender's initial offer, and negotiating a modification that lowers your monthly payment while helping you catch up on any past-due amounts. You'll learn how to communicate with your bank or loan servicer, recognize and avoid loan-modification scams, and find a knowledgeable loan modification specialist, if you choose not to do it yourself.

  • Advice on determining whether you're likely to qualify for your lender's loan modification program
  • Guidance on preparing and submitting a loan modification application that improves your chances of success
  • Helps you figure out a monthly payment you really can afford
  • Tips on modifying your loan even when you owe more than your home's current market value
  • Negotiation advice for securing the best possible terms and lowest monthly payment
  • Resources for contacting your lender, obtaining free or affordable third-party assistance, and getting government agencies on your side

Read Loan Modification For Dummies and start saving your home today.

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