Guertin, Bill

The 800-Pound Gorilla of Sales: How to Dominate Your Market

Guertin, Bill - The 800-Pound Gorilla of Sales: How to Dominate Your Market, ebook


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Smart insight and best practices for achieving sales excellence in any market

The proverbial 800-pound gorilla is the monster in the room that you just can’t ignore, though maybe you want to. In sales, the 800-pound gorilla is that salesperson or company who totally dominates their market, taking more than their fair share of business, and winning time after time. How can you compete with that? More importantly, how can you be that?

The 800-Pound Gorilla of Sales uses case studies of individuals and companies who dominate their markets to show you how to become the biggest beast in your particular sales jungle. Combining sales best practices, creative marketing, memorable service, and innovative techniques, this monster of a sales guide doesn’t just show you how to win more business; it shows you how to win almost all of the business.

• Includes real-world examples and proven tactics for total sales domination
• Written by a professional sales trainer with clients in the NBA, NFL, and MLB, and more than 25 years of on-the-street selling experience
• Features actual case studies of individuals and companies that consistently dominate their competition

In the sales game, more is always better. This guide will show you how to grab a gorilla-size piece of your market.

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