America's Finest Companies 2010: 19th Annual Investment Directory

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America’s Finest Companies® 2010 (now in its 19th annual edition) is a treasure trove of information; an investment directory from Bill Staton containing the data you need to invest wisely in companies with long histories of rising annual dividends and earnings.   In May 2008, Larry Wright of The Wall Street Journal wrote, “Companies that consistently raise their dividends return the most to investors over the long pull.” This is the core idea behind the America’s Finest Companies® 2010 investment directory. Staton’s research shows that the finest companies consistently produce the highest total returns whether in good, bad or indifferent markets. For instance, through December 2008, ninety-one U.S. companies in the 2010 directory compiled world-class dividend records by paying higher dividends per share annually for the last 30 years or more. It’s a monumental achievement during these times that only the finest of the finest companies have been able to pull off. In the 2010 Edition, ten companies enjoyed the 50-year mark, or better, while 20 more companies passed the 40-year threshold. If you had purchased the same dollar amount of each of these ninety-one companies paying higher dividends per share annually for the last 30 years or more on May 1, 1999, reinvested dividends quarterly, and done no additional selling or buying, the total return of your portfolio would have been +71.22% compared to -22.19% for the S&P 500 and -5.79% for the 30 Dow industrials on April 30, 2009—10 years later. That’s a record that few money managers anywhere can match! Along with the company data, Staton offers links to every company’s website. And scattered throughout the directory, Staton also provides you with thoughtful editorial pieces covering topics such as “Dow 30,000 by 2018”, “It’s Easy to Go Broke”, “Trends Don’t Go On Forever”, “Just How Risky Is It?”, and “Turning Chaos Into Huge Opportunity” and a host of different strategies for building portfolios of America’s Finest Companies.

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