Tumlin, Jeffrey

Sustainable Transportation Planning: Tools for Creating Vibrant, Healthy, and Resilient Communities

Tumlin, Jeffrey - Sustainable Transportation Planning: Tools for Creating Vibrant, Healthy, and Resilient Communities, ebook

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"The Great American Dream of cruising down the parkway, zipping from here to there at any time has given way to a true nightmare that is destroying the environment, costing billions and deeply impacting our personal well-being. Getting from A to B has never been more difficult, expensive or miserable. It doesn't have to be this way. Jeffrey Tumlin's book Sustainable Transportation Planning offers easy-to-understand, clearly explained tips and techniques that will allow us to quite literally take back our roads. Essential reading for anyone who wants to drive our transportation system out of the gridlock."
-Marianne Cusato, home designer and author of Get Your House Right: Architectural Elements to Use and Avoid

?The book is full of useful ideas on nearly every page.?
? Bill DiBennedetto of Triple Pundit

As transportations-related disciplines of urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, urban economics, and social policy have undergone major internal reform efforts in recent decades Written in clear, easy-to-follow language, this book provides planning practitioners with the tools they need to achieve their cities? economic development, social equity and ecological sustainability goals. Starting with detailed advice for improving each mode of transportation, the book offers guidance on balancing the needs of each mode against each other, whether on a downtown street, or a small town neighborhood, or a regional network.

Keywords: sustainable transportation planning, urban planning and transportation, architecture and transportation, landscape architecture and transportation, urban economics and transportation, planning practitioners, economic development for cities, ecological sustainability, sustainable transportation, Urban Development, Transportation Engineering, Urban Development, Transportation Engineering

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