Wallach, Lance

Protecting Clients from Fraud, Incompetence and Scams

Wallach, Lance - Protecting Clients from Fraud, Incompetence and Scams, ebook

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Protect your clients – and yourself – from all kinds of financial chicanery and stupidity with this vital new book

It doesn't matter if a financial error was made because of malice or ignorance – the end result is that you lose money. Luckily, you don't have to sit idly and take it. If you have Protecting Clients from Fraud, Incompetence and Scams, you can identify and avoid the dysfunctional sectors of the financial industry, steer clear of the fallout from the Madoff Era, and guide your clients to real, healthy, sustainable returns. This powerful book

  • Pinpoints dysfunctional sectors within the financial industry and offers advice against frauds and scammers
  • Shows how a team approach to asset management can ward off financial predators
  • Offers practical strategies and tools to combat client risk for Risk and Asset Management

Offering insightful information to protect your clients from all sorts of frauds and incompetence, this essential guide equips you with tips and techniques to spot the red flags of fraud and prevent it before it starts.

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