Milicev, Dragan

Model-Driven Development with Executable UML

Milicev, Dragan - Model-Driven Development with Executable UML, ebook


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A comprehensive reference for an executable UML and the advantages of modeling This book presents the most up-to-date technology for rapidly developing information systems using the object-oriented paradigm and models, and establishes an executable profile of UML for such model-driven development. As a software developer, architect, or analyst, you'll benefit from learning how information systems can be developed more efficiently using the object-oriented paradigm and model-driven approach.

Written by an expert who is uniquely qualified in the topic, this Wrox reference offers a profile of UML that is formal and executable, instead of the relational paradigm or its incomplete coupling with object orientation. It provides a comprehensive tutorial on model-driven development and UML.

  • Provides an in-depth tutorial on using model-driven development and UML for building information systems, with extensive examples

  • Includes tutorials and critics of traditional IS modeling paradigms, such as the relational paradigm, entity-relationship modeling, and the widely used incomplete coupling of object orientation with relational databases

  • Covers basic object-oriented concepts with UML semantics, like classes and data types, attributes, associations, generalizations, operations and methods

  • Proposes new powerful concepts for rapid development of information systems including contemporary user interfaces, such as programming by demonstration and others

Model-Driven Development with Executable UML offers a thorough education in this complex topic.

Keywords: executable UML, model-driven engineering, model-driven development, building information systems rapid application development, object-oriented design, object-oriented analysis, object-oriented development

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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