Walker, Shaun

Professional DotNetNuke 5: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET

Walker, Shaun - Professional DotNetNuke 5: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET, ebook


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DotNetNuke is a powerful open source framework for creating and deploying web sites with dynamic and interactive content. Written by the creator of DotNetNuke and a team of DotNetNuke community experts and ASP.NET programmers, this book provides you with the tools and insight you need to install, configure, and develop web applications with DotNetNuke 5.

After Shaun Walker's introduction to DotNetNuke and the business aspects of creating and nurturing the DotNetNuke community, product, and a new DotNetNuke corporation, the authors demonstrate how to manage and administer a DotNetNuke portal. They then show you how the application works through the DotNetNuke application architecture and its major application programming interfaces (APIs), which provide DotNetNuke's power.

You'll discover how to extend the portal framework by developing and distributing modules that plug into a DotNetNuke portal, and you'll examine the flexible skinning capabilities of DotNetNuke. This helpful exploration of the history, structure, and foundation of the DotNetNuke application affirms its place as an extremely extensible application framework.

What you will learn from this book

  • The latest features and functionality of DotNetNuke 5 and the differences between DotNetNuke Community Edition and Professional Edition

  • The responsibilities of a host/administrator who is using DotNetNuke as a web portal, such as the uploading of skins and modules

  • The core modules that are included with DotNetNuke and how to use them

  • Ways to integrate DotNetNuke into an existing membership structure

  • Techniques for replacing hard-coded text with dynamic strings

  • The new unified model for packaging extensions for distribution

Who this book is for

This book is for nondevelopers who are interested in exploring the DotNetNuke framework as well as experienced ASP.NET developers who want to build dynamic ASP.NET sites or create add-ins to DotNetNuke.

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