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Technology Scorecards: Aligning IT Investments with Business Performance

Bansal, Sam - Technology Scorecards: Aligning IT Investments with Business Performance, ebook


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Plan, execute, and sustain a successful IT campaign with Sam Bansal's perfect scorecard approach

First came the dot.com bust, then the IT squeeze. Despite software being the tail that wags the dog in most corporations, the cham-pions of IT, the CIOs, are constantly under fire to justify and maximize their IT investments—past, present, and future.

Learn how to establish Key Performance Indicators and Value Scorecards for IT to ensure maximum value in your corporation with the step-by-step approach found in Sam Bansal's Technology Scorecards.

Drawing on Dr. Bansal's over forty years of field experience in the management of large and complex projects, Technology Scorecards shows you how to:

  • Create Scorecards geared towards your organization's business goals
  • Make quantum improvements in cost, value, and productivity using KPIs and Scorecards
  • Increase your company's net by as much as 100% just by improving your supply chain management by 50%
  • Impact your top line the most through product life-cycle management
  • Develop a realistic strategy through Scorecards, which can then be used to drive IT investments that maximize your business performance

Enhance profitability. Streamline strategy execution. Lower costs. Learn how to align your IT plans with your business objectives and optimize your company's overall performance with the perfect scorecard approach found in Technology Scorecards.

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