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Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

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A must-read guide to real estate investing during turbulent times

In this updated edition, author Michael Thomsett begins by cautioning readers that real estate is not always alluring. Markets go through cycles, and the down phase of the cycle from 2006 onward has been one of the longest and scariest in history. Other updates include new ways to finance real estate investments, the status of mortgage financing today, and a laundry list of new requirements that may be thrown at borrowers. A new chapter has been added to help analyze an investor's financial ability to buy and hold real estate. Written to reflect the subprime crisis and how it has impacted the real estate investment world forever, this Third Edition analyzes the real estate market bubble and crash, where the blame lies, and how "riskless" transactions characterizing the market have done great damage.

Michael C. Thomsett (Spring Hill, TN) has written more than 60 books on investing, real estate, business, and management. He is the author of several Wiley books, including the seven editions of the bestselling Getting Started in Options, Seventh Edition (978-0-470-13806-9), as well as Getting Started in Property Flipping (978-0-470-03937-3), and Getting Started in Real Estate Investing, Second Edition (978-0-471-24654-1).

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