Fitzgerald, Mark

Photoshop® CS4 After the Shoot

Fitzgerald, Mark - Photoshop<sup>&#174;</sup> CS4 After the Shoot, ebook

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If you’re a photographer on the go and want the ability to edit your photos wherever the shoot takes you, then this book is for you. Whether you’re on location, in a coffee shop, on vacation, or on a business trip, you’ll find everything you need in this 6" x 9" guide that fits easily into your camera bag or laptop case.

But, don’t be fooled by the book’s size. Within it are over 300 full-color pages walks you through the workflow, editing, and organizing tasks found in this after-capture software programs— Photoshop CS4. Additionally, numerous practice files are available online, so you can download them from wherever you happen to be.

Topics include:

  • Getting organized in Adobe Bridge
  • Working with raw files
  • Understanding Photoshop CS4’s updated, more intuitive user interface
  • Using different techniques for tonal and color adjustments
  • Creating black & whites, and sepia tones
  • Working with selection and retouching tools
  • Using the new Masking and Adjustments panels to add creative effects
  • Demystifying resolution and sizing
  • Creating elegant panoramas from multiple photos
  • Printing at home or at the lab
  • Building slideshows and uploading Web galleries easily using the new Adobe Output Module

This easy-to-read book breaks this powerful program down into bite-sized pieces so you can quickly develop a consistent workflow that gives you quality results with every photo. It’s exactly what every photographer needs After the Shoot.

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