Roth, Allan S.

How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street: Golden Rules Any Investor Can Learn

Roth, Allan S. - How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street: Golden Rules Any Investor Can Learn, ebook


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Investing is simple, but never easy. We carry a lot of investment baggage—including hot tips from friends and the financial media and complicated financial recommendations from Wall Street salespeople and brokers. Yet the biggest obstacle we face by far is our ability to outsmart ourselves.

In order to overcome these obstacles, investors need to follow straightforward strategies that will consistently push their portfolios ahead of the pack by an additional three to four percent annually over most investors. Strategies that even a kid could understand. In How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street, readers will follow the story of Kevin Roth—an eight-year-old who was schooled in simple approaches to sound investing by his father and expert financial planner, Allan Roth—and discover exactly how simple it can be to successfully invest. Page by page, readers will learn how to create a portfolio that can move up their financial freedom by 10-15 years. And all this can be accomplished by using some simple, commonsense techniques. Kevin and his dad reveal fresh, new approaches to investing, along with some of the tried-and-true existing but rare approaches. Whether new or old, these techniques share something in common—they're so simple, an eight-year-old can understand them. Engaging and insightful, How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street takes investors through Kevin Roth's story, while driving home key strategies and tools investors can implement in their own portfolios.

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