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Suicide Terror: Understanding and Confronting the Threat

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Suicide Terror

Understanding and Confronting the threat

Edited by

Ophir Falk and Henry Morgenstern

"Ophir Falk and Henry Morgenstern have compiled a book that should be read by anyone who is serious about winning the war on terror. By painstakingly analyzing the empirical data, they help us better understand the nature of our enemies and why they employ these barbaric tactics. Most crucially, they offer important insights on how terrorism can be effectively confronted and ultimately defeated. In so doing, they have performed an invaluable service for all those who are committed to winning this crucial battle."

-Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

Firsthand accounts and analyses from frontline personnel and experts in the war against terror

Based on U.S. and Israeli experiences and detailed interviews with frontline personnel, Suicide Terror enables policymakers, first responders, and students of homeland security to understand and deal with the growing threat of suicide terror. It analyzes recent suicide attacks as well as our current vulnerabilities and high-risk scenarios for future attacks. Following the expert authors' advice, readers learn possible measures to prevent an attack. Moreover, they learn how to prepare for and implement an effective and quick response to minimize casualties and losses in the event of an attack.

Following an overview and historical review of suicide terror, the book covers:

  • Global jihad

  • Israel's confrontation with suicide terrorism

  • America's experience with suicide bombings

  • Internationalization of suicide terrorism

  • High-risk scenarios and future trends

  • Methods for confronting suicide terror

  • Medical management of suicide terrorism

Using eyewitness accounts, the text re-creates the look and feel of actual terrorism incidents. Detailed case studies help readers get into the minds of suicide terrorists in order to understand how to best prevent and confront these very dangerous threats.

This book is a definitive study of suicide terror, synthesizing the experience of well-known Israeli and American experts who have dealt with it firsthand. Anyone responsible for understanding, preventing, and confronting this devastating threat should read this book and consider its recommendations with all seriousness.

Keywords: al Qaeda, Israel, Palestine, Hamas, Hezbollah, Bin Laden, terrorism, homeland security, transportation safety, mass transit security

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