Eldredge, Debra M.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Your Happy Healthy Pet, with DVD

Eldredge, Debra M. - Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Your Happy Healthy Pet, with DVD, ebook


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This fully-revised all-encompassing guide to Corgis features everything new owners need to know from preparing for the new pup to geriatric care. All new full-color photography and an included 30-minute training DVD make this a package that can't be passed up.
* Updated coverage: Comprehensive guidance and information for the Corgi owner. From understanding the breed behaviors and characteristics to choosing the right pup to grooming, feeding, and training, readers will have an all-encompassing guide.
* Assured quality: This book is ideal for a new dog owner. The all-new full-color photos create its visual appeal; the sturdy hardcover and preprinted cases produce functionality.
* Author expertise: The Happy Healthy Pet books are written by respected and established authors. Information is readable and to-the-point and presented in an easy-to-follow format.

The 30-minute dog training DVD is a perfect complement to this new edition. The DVD is made precisely for owners of medium sized dog breeds; it covers the training approach, practical commands like heeling and staying, correcting inappropriate behaviors like jumping up and chewing, fun tricks like shaking and rolling over, and a bonus chapter. This bonus chapter is unique because it is breed-specific-- a Corgi owner will learn specifically about the personality traits and habits that are characteristic of Corgis. This kind of breed-specific coverage enables owners to cater their training, care, and attention to their Corgi.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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