Hughes, Cameron

Professional Multicore Programming: Design and Implementation for C++ Developers

Hughes, Cameron - Professional Multicore Programming: Design and Implementation for C++ Developers, ebook


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Professional Multicore Programming: Design and Implementation for C++ Developers presents the basics of multicore programming in a simple, easy-to-understand manner so that you can easily apply the concepts to your everyday projects. Learn the fundamentals of programming for multiprocessor and multithreaded architecture, progress to multi-core programming and eventually become comfortable with programming techniques that otherwise can be difficult to understand. Anticipate the pitfalls and traps of concurrency programming and synchronization before you encounter them yourself by finding them outlined in this indispensable guide to multicore programming.

Keywords: multicore processes, multicore technology, programming for multiprocessor architecture, programming for multithreaded architecture, basics of multicore programming, concurrency programming, multithreading models, testing multicore programs, debugging multicore programs, challenges of multicore programming,  ,  , thread building blocks,  , Boost C++ Libraries, Pthread,  , concurrent programming libraries, parallel programming libraries, ITC, Interthread communication, IPC, Interprocess communication, Process management, Thread management, task synchronization, process synchronization,  ,  , task dependency, communication , dependency, cooperation dependency, synchronizing concurrency, PRAM model, EREW, CREW, ERCW, CRCW, POSIX, UML, cooperating tasks, synchronization mechanisms, semaphores, mutexes, read-write locks, thread strategies, thread approaches, parallel programming models, delegation model, peer-to-peer model, consumer-producer model, boss-worker model, pipeline, SPMD, single program multiple data, MPMD, multiple programs multiple data, kernel-level thread, user-level thread, synchronous processes, asynchronous processes, PADL, parallel application design layers, PBS, predicate breakdown structure, multiagent architectures,  , blackboard architectures, knowledge sources,  , C++0x, C++09 Standard

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