Foss, Jeffrey E.

Beyond Environmentalism: A Philosophy of Nature

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Beyond Environmentalism is the first book of its kind to present a timely and relevant analysis of environmentalism. This innovative   book discusses the inconsistencies, both scientific and philosophical, of popular environmentalism and sheds new perspectives on the issues, causes, and debates that embrace society today. The goal is not to settle environmental issues once and for all, but rather to provide the basis for more reasoned, scientific, and productive debates. The need for a new philosophy of nature is explored through methodological discussion of several topics, including: the rise and fall of scientific proof; nature in religion, romance, and human values; humankind’s responsibility to the environment; the value of freedom; and kinship among species. Numerous case studies throughout the book delve into global warming, the “sixth extinction,” the precautionary principle, pollution, and other popular issues within environmentalism.  Feature boxes guide the reader through complex topics while vivid illustrations demonstrate the presented scientific data, theories, and philosophical arguments in a reader-friendly manner.  With its balanced approach to provocative issues, Beyond Environmentalism is an excellent supplement for courses on environmental studies as well as an interesting read for anyone with a general interest in environmental issues.

Keywords: environmental thinking, foundation for a new environmental philosophy, Environmental Quality Management, Environmental Toxicology, Geosciences Union, Geophysical Union environmental movement, green living, green business, green, planet earth, environmental issues, global warming, carbon trading, carbon economy, environmental debate, Al Gore, popular environmentalism

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