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Dungeons and Dragons® 4th Edition For Dummies®

Baker, Rich - Dungeons and Dragons<sup>&#174;</sup> 4th Edition For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook


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Explore the fantasy world of D&D and delve into dungeons, slay monsters, and gain treasure!

If you've been thinking of playing D&D or you've played before and you want to get up to speed on the all-new 4th Edition, this is the book for you. Here's what you need to know to join the fantasy fun.

  • D&D terminology — understand what ability check, modifier, saving throw, AC, gp, hp, and XP mean

  • Roll the dice — add modifiers and see if you rolled the d20 high enough to beat the challenge

  • Minding your manners — know D&D etiquette so you'll be welcome in any adventure

  • Character building — select your character's race and class, and choose the best powers, skills, feats, and gear

  • Roleplaying — give your character a background and personality quirks

  • Combat — use combat rules, a battle grid, and miniatures to play out furious battles

Open the book and find:

  • Everything a new player needs to get started playing D&D

  • Details on four fantasy races and four iconic classes

  • Explanations of every number and statistic on the character sheet

  • The best magic items and equipment for characters of all classes

  • Advice on roleplaying and teamwork

  • A ready-to-use adventure to get you started as a Dungeon Master

  • A ready-to-use battle grid with character and monster markers

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