Hevner, Leland B.

The Perfect Portfolio: A Revolutionary Approach to Personal Investing

Hevner, Leland B. - The Perfect Portfolio: A Revolutionary Approach to Personal Investing, ebook

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Praise for The Perfect Portfolio

"Today's markets are rife with challenges that confound novice and professional investors alike. Thankfully, The Perfect Portfolio provides the type of 'outside the box' thinking that can enable individual investors to not only cope with these challenges but also to view them as profit-making opportunities."
—Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach (from the Foreword)

To achieve long-term success in today's market, you can't place your faith totally in financial "experts" who are far too often salespeople first and objective advisers second. You must take personal control of your hard-earned savings and build a portfolio that gives you a realistic chance of earning returns that enable you to meet the investing goals you really want to achieve in life.

That's why Leland Hevner—President of the National Association of Online Investors (naoi.org) and a longtime educator in the financial field—has created The Perfect Portfolio. This reliable resource outlines Hevner's proven investment approach, known as the Perfect Portfolio Methodology (PPM), and shows you how to use it to thrive in today's challenging market conditions.

Divided into three comprehensive parts, The Perfect Portfolio will enable you to:

  • Build a powerful and efficient portfolio using nine asset classes instead of the traditional three

  • Completely avoid the complexities of analyzing individual stocks and mutual funds

  • Virtually eliminate company risk from your portfolio

  • Use amazing new Web-based tools to enhance and automate your trading activities

  • Easily design a portfolio that matches your investing style and thrives in any market condition

  • And much more

This is not the stuff of your average investing book. The author is not simply putting a new "spin" on the outdated investing concepts being taught today. He is providing nothing less than a dramatically new portfolio design model and a revolutionary approach to the entire field of personal investing. And this bold challenge to the status quo is long overdue!

With The Perfect Portfolio as your guide, you will realize that investing does not need to be as complicated as the financial services industry would like you to believe. You will learn a simple methodology for building a portfolio that can produce incredible returns with minimal risk. You will be empowered to take personal control of your investments. It's time to start your new life as a confident investor.

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