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Basic Process Measurements

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A unique resource for process measurement

Basic Process Measurements provides a unique resource explaining the industrial measuring devices that gauge such key variables as temperature, pressure, density, level, and flow. With an emphasis on the most commonly installed technologies, this guide outlines both the process variable being measured as well as how the relevant measuring instruments function. The benefits of each technology are considered in turn, along with their potential problems. Looking at both new and existing technologies, the book maintains a practical focus on properly selecting and deploying the best technology for a given process application.

The coverage in Basic Process Measurements enables the practitioner to:

  • Resolve problems with currently installed devices
  • Upgrade currently installed devices to newer and better technologies
  • Add instruments for process variables not previously measurable
  • Evaluate device installations from a perspective of both normal process operating conditions and abnormal conditions
  • Determine the best technology for a given set of process conditions
Designed for a wide range of technical professionals, Basic Process Measurements provides a balanced treatment of the concepts, background information, and specific processes and technologies making up this critical aspect of process improvement and control.

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